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Project :  Auto Company


SWOT and GAP Analysis

This auto company had its sustainability vision, but had never done a formal SWOT or GAP analysis regarding sustainability.

It had no idea what it was going to take to get from where they were to where they wanted to get to, and needed the GAP to build off of its SWOT analysis.

SBC worked with the auto company by:

  • Conducting a Sustainability SWOT analysis, focused primarily on opportunities for business value, growth and cost savings
  • Performing a GAP analysis across 14 key aspects of their business
  • Outlining best practices in each of these 14 areas and what would be required to meet their sustainability vision in each of these areas

The auto company found out where it was strong, but most importantly where its weaknesses were with the SWOT, and set about a path to capitalize on opportunities to improve performance and drive business value.

From the GAP, the company created a 5 year implementation plan to close the GAP from its vision to current state of operations.

Sustainability audit - Sustainble Business Consulting
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