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6 Good Environmental Stories to Start 2020

At Sustainable Business Consulting, we want to share good news around sustainability and the environment. With all of the negative news out there, here are some good environmental news stories already in January of this year.

  1. Jet Blue to become carbon neutral in 2020

Jet Blue made an ambitious New Year’s resolution, committing to carbon neutrality for all domestic flights by July 2020. Jet Blue aims to achieve this by offsetting all domestic flights and using alternative fuel sources.

  1. BlackRock joins Climate Action 100+ to take on polluters

BlackRock, the world’s largest private equity investor, joined the Climate Action 100+, a group of investors working to pressure fossil fuel companies to reduce their pollution and emissions.

  1. BMW becomes first car-maker to join responsible mining initiative

BMW has joined the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance, a certification program that ensures ecologically and socially responsible mining products, becoming its first member in the auto sector.

  1. Quorn becomes first major brand to introduce carbon labeling

Food retailer Quorn is set to become the first major brand to add carbon emissions information on its products to help consumers understand the environmental impact of their shopping. Quorn also claims to be the first meat-free food manufacturer to receive third-party certification of its carbon footprint figures via the Carbon Trust.

  1. Kroger revamps plan to eliminate food waste by 2025

US retailer Kroger has revealed a strategy to eliminate food waste within the next five years through a Zero Hunger, Zero Waste initiative that includes food donations, partnerships with the World Wildlife Fund and Feeding America, and compostable packaging.

  1. Italian Vogue releases photo-free sustainability issue

Italian Vogue published its January issue featuring illustrated stories without travel, shipping, or pollution instead of photographs to highlight the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

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