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Strategic Implementation Plan:

Decision-Making Framework to Support Goals & GHG Reduction Targets

This port had experienced public concern for a few investment decisions it had made in recent years and was looking to develop a public-facing decision-making framework that would apply sustainability criteria alongside traditional business criteria to potential investments.

SBC helped this port develop a decision-making framework with weighted criteria, including economic, environmental and social factors aligned to their strategic goals and initiatives. The process included:

  • Working with several stakeholders to understand which concerns should be captured in the framework
  • Creating a Policy Memo to announce the framework
  • Understanding market competition on sustainability, climate and clean tech initiatives 
  • Developing supplemental science-based GHG targets to ensure that the framework was supported by tangible goals

This port came out with a goal to become the first carbon negative port by 2050 which provided a brand-enhancing platform for the organization and its leadership. The decision-making framework is being piloted on several projects in the coming year which will increase the port’s transparency with the general public. 

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