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Project :  Bank


Stakeholder Engagement

This bank had been working on its CSR efforts for a few years, but had not yet created a strategic plan to guide its efforts or successfully communicate achievements to its internal and external audiences.

SBC worked with various internal and external stakeholders to determine what CSR issues were most material to them in order to guide the company’s efforts and identify what stakeholders wanted the company to communicate. SBC conducted the following: 

  • 6 external and 5 internal stakeholder facilitations (including: customers, vendors, owners, suppliers, community partners)
  • A survey to all employees
  • 4 internal employee engagement meetings, which also uncovered ways for the company to save money through CSR

The bank was able identify the top strategic actions it could take to enhance its reputation while discovering which sustainability issues its stakeholders cared most about as well as which reporting medium they were most likely to engage with (e.g. online, print, etc.) to best serve its customers and partners. 

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