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At SBC, We Believe That Black Lives Matter

At SBC, we believe that Black Lives Matter.

We cannot address sustainability or climate action without addressing justice. The systemic racism and injustice that is occurring in our society and business needs to change.

It is everyone’s responsibility to be actively anti-racist. We are all accountable for doing this work and SBC is committed to educating ourselves and ensuring that the clients, partners and suppliers that we work with also are incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion(DEI) in all of their practices and operations. It goes beyond the work and means that we shall include D,E,I in our recruiting & hiring practices, that our partners reflect our community, that our volunteer work & philanthropy is diverse as well.

We commit to:

  • Ensuring that anti-racism is top-of-mind in all client engagements and that D,E,I is woven into our assessments and practices
  • Normalizing the conversation around DEI as it relates to sustainability goals
  • Establishing internal SMART goals for DEI to hold ourselves accountable
  • Identifying and partnering with skilled DEI experts to ensure that we can always refer clients to professionals in dismantling systemic racism and Black Lives Matter resources
  • Creating a list of black-owned subcontractors for our own procurement and our clients
  • Online DEI trainings to ensure that our staff is equipped and educated annually
  • Allocating time for self-education and training up to 1 hour every other week
  • Continuing to educate ourselves through a sharing of resources and learnings on the connection of climate, social justice, and racism

We are prepared to ask the tough questions and continue to do the work: not just in this moment, but forever. We hope you will join us.

All lives do matter. But all lives cannot matter until Black Lives Matter.


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