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Project: Supplier


Analysis to Determine the CSR metrics that were Material to Executive Decision Making

This supplier had a few key customers that were increasingly asking questions about its sustainability efforts. It was new to this space and had no process for responding to Customer Questionnaires from Starbucks and Nordstrom, and were increasingly worried as they received media and investor inquires as well.

SBC engaged with the client to:

  • Develop a common resource/answer key for responding to all the various types of customer and supplier questionnaires around social and environmental issues. These were in compliance with the GRI, CDP, and other 3rd party requirements from its major customers.
  • Identify low hanging fruit sustainability actions that the company could implement to improve its performance. Calculated its GHG inventory.
  • Developed responses that could be copied & pasted into external communications and questionnaires, easily and efficiently.

The tools that SBC built, enabled the retailor to respond to multiple sustainability questionnaires at the same time. The client reported that this saved the company up to 75% in both employee time and costs.

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