Sustainable Business Consulting

Brand Enhancement

Sustainability can enhance your brand and serve as a differentiator in today’s competitive marketplace. We will help you tell your story – authentically – in a way that elevates your brand.
External Reporting
Reporting sustainability performance is a valuable management tool for organizations to communicate social and environmental performance to customers, suppliers, employees and investors. The reporting process also helps you to:
  • Assess your impacts
  • Manage risk
  • Leverage opportunities, and
  • Increase transparency
Supplier/Investor Questionnaires
Sustainability questionnaires are increasingly prevalent from customers, investors and suppliers. We help clients navigate this process by gathering the necessary qualitative and quantitative data to answer them as well as build your capacity to do it efficiently without external support moving forward.
CSR & GRI Reporting
We work with our clients to develop sustainability reports that authentically tell their stories. From content development, to data collection and copywriting, we partner with our clients to deliver the best product to share their sustainability story.
CDP, Walmart, B Corp
SBC specializes in a variety of reporting frameworks and mechanisms, including CDP (climate, water, supply-chain), Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Wal-Mart, B-Corp, Higg Index and the Climate Registry. We will help you navigate these smoothly, accurately and efficiently.
Internal Communications Support
Your good work is known only if you communicate it. We will help develop strategies and create customized materials to share with employees in order to tell your sustainability story. We will help you leverage your efforts and maximize return by amplifying your message through your social media platforms and creating inspiring and engaging case studies to be shared with various audiences.
Let’s work together.
We start every project with a simple conversation, getting to know you and your business needs. Then we create a customized work plan to bring your sustainability needs and vision to reality.
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