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Project :  Logistics Company


Benchmarking: Developing a Sales Tool to Respond to Customer Requests

This logistics company was being asked by customers to disclose which transportation companies were the greenest. Those particular rankings did not yet exist, but the company wanted to provide this information as a value-add to its customers. 

SBC worked with the logistics company to develop a proprietary Green Carrier Index by:

  • Benchmarking the top 20 domestic and international freight and passenger airlines on 30 different sustainability criterion
  • Evaluating both quantifiable and qualitative data of each of the freight providers
  • Creating a ranking tool that was easy to understand, use, and communicate to their customers

The company’s sales and services teams were able to provide customers with the latest known sustainability information on its top 20 transportation providers, enabling customers to advance their own sustainability efforts while enhancing the company’s service offerings and building customer trust.

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