Interns Don’t Just Get Coffee

Managers and executives always have something in the back of their mind that the company is not doing right, whether it is that they need to improve their process, add a new thing to their social media or website, etc. and they are trying to find some one to help with that need. Effectively utilize any networking time with individuals in these role to finding out what they are wrestling with and how you can help fill that gap. Filling that gap can take many forms, you might have the skill set to do it or you might know someone who does. The more experience you have the more skills you have in your arsenal that can better help you fills the gap. Jo Opdyke Wilhelm a Senior Ecologist at King County Waste and Land Resources Division encourages that “experience matters. It is important to get on the job experience through internships and summer jobs. This shows a commitment to pursuing a sustainability career path, helps separate you from other college students who may only have course work on their resume, and provides a valuable opportunity to network with other sustainability experts and helps you start figuring out what types of organizations and types of work you like and – just as valuable to learn – what you don’t like to do.”

SBC regularly has a need for interns so keep an eye out for a posting. Maybe you will be the lucky one to jump start your career in sustainability with a great company!

Still looking for more? The masters quoted throughout the book “Sustainability Jobs” have had years of experience in their respective fields. They have had many successes and failures and each carved their own unique paths. Check out what the other masters have to say in “Sustainability Jobs.”


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