Our Team

Ruth Lee

Carbon expert. Team cornerstone. Reporting specialist. Closet Canadian.

About Ruth
Katie Secrist

Connector. Project manager. Dynamic engager. Forever cheerful.

About Katie
Kevin Wilhelm

Strategist. Expert facilitator. Inspirational visionary. O – H – I – O.

About Kevin

Ruth Lee, Vice President

Ruth Lee has 10+ years of experience helping clients develop and implement sustainability strategy, conduct stakeholder engagement to assess materiality, navigate executive level buy-in and manage greenhouse gas emissions.

Additionally, she specializes in verifiable data analysis and management, performance indicator measurement, carbon footprinting, and is expert at responding to public reporting programs such as the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), the Climate Registry, and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Ruth is a valued partner to her clients and various non-profit organizations and supports her local community as a board member of Sustainable West Seattle.

Outside of the of the office, Ruth enjoys the road to the Kentucky Derby, backpacking and hikes that involve animal sightings (she once encountered a bobcat!) and traveling around the world. She is passionate about marine mammals (especially Orcas) and loves to cook and try new recipes.

Katie Secrist, Consultant

Katie Thompson has experience and expertise in facilitating meetings and focus groups, data input and analysis, event planning and coordination, multimedia content creation and editing, as well as high-level strategy development.

Her background in both the business and sustainability sectors give her a fresh, well-rounded perspective to help clients meet their goals of increasing profitability and enhance their brand value while also decreasing risk.

Beyond the walls of the office, Katie enjoys spending time with loves ones – whether it be over dinner at a local Thai restaurant, a day hike through the Chuckanut Mountains, or a week long cheese tour through the Pacific Northwest. She is a craft beer and cheese enthusiast, a serial organizer and an oldies music devotee.

Kevin Wilhelm, CEO

Kevin is one of the world’s pre-eminent business consultants and teachers in the field of sustainability. He has over 20 years of experience helping companies determine their sustainability strategy, set their goals and guide them through the implementation process. Kevin also has extensive knowledge of a wide breadth of sustainability issues and is an expert executive level facilitator.

He has taught 12 different business courses on sustainability at seven institutions and as a compelling and engaging speaker has collectively spoken, moderated and keynoted over 250 events. He is also the author of four books including two of the most acclaimed books in this field: Return on Sustainability: How Business Can Increase Profitability & Address Climate Change in an Uncertain Economy and Making Sustainability Stick: The Blueprint for Successful Sustainability Implementation.

While Kevin isn’t routing for the Buckeyes or rattling off random sports trivia, he can be found traveling the world with his wife JO or exploring the Pacific Northwest by kayak or bike.

Our Culture

We work to improve the social and environmental performance of our clients and ourselves. Sustainability is the greatest business opportunity of this century and we eat, sleep and breathe this fact. We seek to create a work environment that is productive, transparent and enjoyable.

Our Guiding Principles

We collaborate with our clients as an extension of their team.

We provide outstanding quality in all that we do.

We live our values to do what’s right.

We laugh and have fun at the office because we love our work!

Our Impact

At SBC, we believe it’s best to think globally and act locally. We direct our business practices towards curbing climate change and enhancing the Puget Sound area. Our staff is committed to the community and each member of the team has 24 paid hours to volunteer and we all participate in four half-day community events every year.We recently joined the American Sustainable Business Council because we believe business can play a larger role in sustainability measures. Together we hope to achieve transformative change throughout all industries.

To truly lead and inspire, SBC is proud to be a carbon negative consultancy. We diligently look to reduce our own footprint and for those emissions we cannot reduce completely, we purchase offsets that have a social, environmental and financial benefit to our local community. We have partnered with Forterra’s Evergreen Carbon Capture program this year to offset our emissions and hit our carbon negative goal! We also live our lives through Meatless Monday, Transit Tuesday, Waste Free Wednesday, Thirsty H2O Thursday and Fitness Friday

Our team is our #1 asset and at SBC life-work balance is more than a buzzword. We focus on a highly efficient 35-hour work week to allow our employees time outside the office to pursue their professional goals and enjoy those activities that nurture their lives, through additional benefits such as gym memberships, alternative commuting incentives, profit sharing, donation matching and a 5-week paid sabbatical every 3 years. This style of management leads to lower turnover, higher morale and a more productive team.

We believe in the local economic multiplier of supporting local, community-owned businesses.  Recent calculations showed that 90% of our company’s total spend (purchases, suppliers, vendors, salaries, taxes, etc) was within 100 miles of our office.

At SBC, we embrace an open style of management and share our financial statements on a quarterly basis with all employees. Furthermore, we collectively set our social, environmental and financial goals annually, and give employees the chance to set the CEO’s salary annually.

We are committed to following the Sustainable Development Goals and have benchmarked our impact against the goals. You can see our progress here: