Interviewing: 3 Myths You Should Know


Interviews can be nerve racking even if you have done everything you can to prepare. Knowing the truth about several interview myths can help eliminate some of your nervousness and help you make the most out of your interview.

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Myth 1: The interviewer is always prepared

The person interviewing may have barely looked at your resume, they may have just been pulled into the interview panel. More likely you will get the person who is coming from another meeting or task and they’ve just glanced at your resume for a few seconds and hasn’t been able to absorb it. You may also be the first candidate they are interviewing and they may not have had time to really evaluate what questions they are going to ask. Go in to the interview making no assumptions that they’ve understood your resume. Be confident in you self and explain yourself, your resume and what makes you the best candidate. For example, interviewers may be sick and someone has to fill in. This exact scenario has happened before at SBC and the person who had to fill in didn’t have enough time to really look at all of the resumes and identify what questions they have. However, it was extremely helpful that the interviewee knew what they wanted to communicate and why they were the ideal candidates for the role.


Myth 2: The right questions will be asked

Some times interview questions are general enough to allow you to draw from your unique background of skills and qualifications, but sometimes they can go sideways. Have four or five points that you know you want to communicate to the interviewer no matter what the questions are. Early in the interview hit the main points from your resume that make you want the job. This will bring up the level of questions an interviewer will ask regardless of whether they are prepared or not, ultimately making you look like a more attractive candidate. Regardless of whether they are explicitly asked, make sure to answer the questions; why you want the job, how you can meet their specific need and why you are the right person for their company in this role.


Myth 3: The most qualified person gets the job

People want to find someone who cannot only get the job done, but also fits the company’s culture. Just like individuals, companies are different and they want different things from their employees. Don’t worry about the competition, if you have weaknesses in your qualifications, have a response prepared that spin your inexperience into a positive trait. For example, if the job you want requires five years of experience but you only have three, let them know key things you were able to accomplish in those three years that makes you qualified. Additionally, draw from other experience such as volunteering.


Keep these myths in mind when you go in for your next interview and nail it! To learn more about interviewing and how to land your dream green job, check out our new book “Sustainability Jobs.”


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